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Announcing Golf Select

We are pleased to announce the formation of a new club in Ottawa called Golf Select. This is a joint venture between three well known Ottawa companies Corporate Golf, GolfXtra and Reservation Masters.

As individual companies we have always strived to provide quality, service and value to our customers. Golf Select further strengthens our position as it will allow our members to have more choice than ever before.

With Golf Select, you will now have more membership options. In addition to the standard offering of each individual club you can now join the newly formed Golf Select club with access to over 70 courses. Presently, negotiations are underway to allow Golf Select members to gain access to additional courses in the Ottawa area and the Laurentians.

As with all important business decisions, we will work closely with our members to ensure a smooth transition process. As a member of Golf Select you can be assured of the same quality and value that you have come to expect.

GolfSelect.ca   Golf Select Full membership   Golf Select Weekday membership


Map of Reservation Maters  Club Courses

The Courses:

Over 70 Ottawa area courses to play at preferred rates. The Courses and rates are listed here, or you can click on the map for an overview of the selection around the region.



Memberships are Free to Kids 18 Years of age and under!

Must be sponsored by a full member. Just contact us and we'll set your child up!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Just log into our website and select the courses you want to play for the coming week.
  2. Reserve your RM spot and book your tee time with the course in one simple step - directly from our website, without using the phone!
  3. When you get to the course, show your membership card and enjoy the game. You pay nothing at the course and we will bill you the discount rate after you play. It's that easy.

Try It - You'll Like It!

Try a 30 Day or Last Minute Membership to see if you like the program. You can upgrade at any time to a full membership at an adjusted rate, applying your inital purchase as a credit.

Prices shown are before taxes.










 $25 $50 $100